Peace in Pakistan is linked to peace in Afghanistan

NATIONAL Security Advisor Lt General (Retd) Nasir Janjua has reiterated that Pakistan wants peace and stability to prevail in Afghanistan. Speaking at a function in Islamabad on Tuesday, he pointed out that Pakistanis have shared their homes and hospitality with migrants coming from Afghanistan.
The remarks of the Advisor, based on ground realities, rebut oft-repeated allegations by some quarters including the regime in Kabul, which is dominated by a particular lobby and mindset, that Pakistan was fomenting trouble in the neighbouring country. This is despite the fact that Pakistan has suffered immensely because of unending conflict in Afghanistan and would continue to suffer until and unless there is peace and stability in that country. Apart from bomb blasts and law and order issues, Pakistan is also bearing the brunt of the refugee crisis triggered by Afghan problem back in 70s and there are still over three million refugees in different parts of the country. Similarly, it is also quite understandable that Pakistan’s plan to have closer economic and commercial ties with the Central Asian Republics can only materialize if there is durable peace in Afghanistan. The fate of projects like TAPI and CASA-1000 is directly linked to security and stability in the neighbouring country. It is because of all this that Pakistan and especially the incumbent civilian and military leadership of the country have gone extra mile in demonstrating their sincerity for peace in Afghanistan. An across the board operation was launched against all types of Taliban and Islamabad arranged direct talks between Kabul and Taliban leadership in its bid to help restore normalcy there. It is, however, discouraging that both the United States and the Afghan Government are again giving preference to the use of force, which has not produced any positive outcome for the last over one decade. Pakistan is trying to persuade them to give peace a chance and for this purpose, it is convincing Afghan factions to join the process of dialogue for the greater good of their country. Instead of casting aspersions on intents of Pakistan, all stakeholders should lend a helping hand to sort out things through dialogue.

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