Peace in Karachi

CONTRARY to past, the PML-N government has practically demonstrated its commitment to serve the cause of people of Karachi, who have been living in uncertain conditions for many years and whose civic problems are increasing with the passage of every day due to lack of proper focus by the provincial government. Ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had announced a reasonable package for Karachi and it is satisfying that his successor Shahid Khaqan Abbbasi, during a meeting with MQM delegation led by Dr. Farooq Sattar, made a commitment to start releasing funds from this month.
There can be no two opinions that Karachi is central to economic, commercial, financial and strategic interests of Pakistan and that is why conflicting interests are at work since long to disturb its peace. There is solid evidence of Indian involvement in creating disturbance and sponsoring acts of terrorism, target killings and sabotage in the mega city. It is quite obvious that some local elements were hands in glove with the foreign forces in destabilising the city of the Quaid and that is why a firm and bold decision was taken to address the law & order problem sternly so that people of Karachi could resume their normal life and the city could contribute to national economy more effectively. The problem has been taken care of to a great extent and this is manifested in resumption of normal business activities and also that the ordinary citizens are able to move around in the city more securely than before. However, as for civic problems of Karachites are concerned these are there due to various factors and the situation is pathetic which needs immediate attention. There are also issues of clean drinking water, infrastructure facilities and electricity supply besides improvement in availability and quality of educational and health facilities. Hopefully, the release of funds would enable the MQM-led MC to undertake necessary programmes and projects as per immediate requirements of the people of Karachi. MQM delegation’s meeting with the Prime Minister is also expected to lend much needed political stability to the government, if it demonstrates vision and foresight.

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