Peace in Fata


Muhammad Usman

Leader of Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) Manzoor Pashteen rose from remoteness to prominence when he reached Islamabad with his supporters to participate in a protest against alleged killing of Naqeebullah Mehsud in a fake encounter. It was not that hearts of kith and kin of Naqeebullah were only bleeding rather, whole nation felt their grief. They did not only grieve with them in hour of their ordeal but also emphatically demanded head to roll. Top leadership of the country was also no less concerned. They were given apt audience. The Chief Justice of Pakistan also took suo motu action and finally, police officer Rao Anwar is under the net and has been nominated an accused. The government is also positively poised to redress their other right grievances. FATA is our underbelly. No one would like it to relapse into chaos and anarchy. Its cost has been/ would be too high. Our enemies are hell bent to harm Pakistan’s national security because our success in FATA against terrorism have frustrated their evil designs. The disorder is their dire desire.
The foreign media is also sparing no occasion to create suspicion about intent of Pakistan leadership to meet their genuine demands within purview of the constitution; demands would only be met in part and cosmetically without any robust change in policy. Manzoor Pashteen is soliciting support of people as if he is fighting Jihad against atrocities being let loose on Pashtuns in FATA. It is a wrong foot forward. There is no repression of any kind or discrimination. At worst, there could be some excesses committed inadvertently or collateral damage caused because of inevitability of circumstances. The sanity and peace have returned in FATA. There is no mutilated bodies on roads as used to be in days of Taliban. The socio economic development is taking place which never touched FATA before. The KP is heading fast to become model province of the country. Our Pashtuns brethren are working in breadth and depth of entire country without let and hindrance. They are widely held in high esteem because of their hard work/work ethics.
Precisely this is the reason that media has blacked out assertions of Manzoor Pasteen. It is an objective and patriotic media. Truly, it has played a role of watchman of our night and troubled day. Some demand of PTM are too malicious. Stopping of humiliation at check posts and harassing of families on pretext of search operations. End to imposition of curfew. No Army operation is directed on innocent people. No damage is caused until unavoidable. The system of check posts cannot be abolished. It would allow terrorists holed up in Afghanistan to return and unleash terror. it is the prime objective of our enemies, active on Afghan land.
It is ardent desire of US that Pakistan should fight against militants, operating in Afghanistan with same zeal, professionalism and valor as it has fought against them inside Pakistan. It is a real tribute to men in uniform who have given blood aplenty to protect motherland from jaws of terrorism. If Manzoor Pashteen is talking about Afghan Taliban then he is serving no cause other than of US. It would do no good to him He needs to borne in mind that there is no place in Pakistan for foreign driven agenda as it is an open society.
— The writer, retired Lt Col, is freelance columnist based in Islamabad.

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