PCB evidence insufficient, , says Sharjeel’s legal counselor


PCB evidence insufficient, , says Sharjeel's legal counselor

Left-gave batsman Shareel Khan’s legal advisor said on Friday the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), challenging charges against the Islamabad United player for his inclusion in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) spot-settling embarrassment, displayed “lacking” proof against his customer.

PCB presented its opening brief against Sharjeel to the three-part Anti-Corruption Tribunal (ACT) which is tuning in to the case.

Taffazul Rizvi and Haider Ali Khan, advocates for PCB, introduced “among other material, witness proclamations, recorded meetings, coordinate film, and duplicates of certain WhatsApp voice messages” to the ACT.

A duplicate of the opening brief alongside all the material was given to Sharjeel and his attorney Shaigan Ijaz and the last disclosed to ESPNcricinfo that the proof will be surveyed in detail yet appear to be deficient by the looks of it.

“They have introduced the confirmations to the tribunal that contain explanations of witnesses and some recording of meetings they had done amid the examinations,” said Sharjeel’s direction. We will survey the confirmation in detail however we comprehend that these are deficient.”

The advice included that the media ought to shun calling Sharjeel liable in light of the fact that he hasn’t been sentenced yet. “I need to demand to my media companions that everyone is blameless until and unless they are demonstrated liable. Sharjeel Khan is our national resource and our national cooperative person. Until the matter is in continuing and until things are not demonstrated, he is blameless.”

Sharjeel will be required to show a noting brief to the tribunal on May 5.

Sharjeel and his Islamabad United batting accomplice Khalid Latif have been accused of break of PCB’s hostile to defilement code, taking after the outfits’ first diversion against Peshawar Zalmi amid the second release of the PSL, whereby they were temporarily suspended with quick impact and sent back to Pakistan.

Khalid additionally showed up before the tribunal on Friday after his allure was dismisses inside only a couple of hours by the Lahore High Court where he tested the development of the ACT by the PCB. Latif was likewise given the opening brief and the confirmation against him with the goal that he could likewise present a noting brief on May 5.

While both players have consented to the minor offense of not detailing ways to deal with the PCB, the twosome are challenging different charges set against them. The particular articles both are affirmed to have damaged are: 2.1.1, 2.1.2, 2.1.3, 2.4.4 and 2.4.5. What’s more, Latif is claimed to have ruptured 2.1.4.

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