Paying the price of follies



Mohammad Jamil

MUSLIM fraternity has to understand that efforts are being made to pit Arab countries against Iran; and stage is being set for the war between Saudi Arabia and Iran reminiscent of Iraq-Iran war. The world must be remembering the testimony of the then secretary of state Condoleezza Rice before the Senate’s foreign relations committee when she referred to Sunni states as centres of moderation on one side, and Iran, Syria and Hezbollah on the other side of the divide. The US, in fact, has twin objectives: for one to secure Israel, and secondly to control the world’s resources. The US had destroyed Iran’s enemies i.e. Saddam Hussein in Iraq and the Taliban in Afghanistan, and Iran thus emerged as the strongest country in the region. Anyhow, the stage seems to have been set to attack Iran on one pretext or another.
Most Muslim countries are playing in the hands of the US, which makes the decisions, as it has profound influence over them. The countries that consider themselves sovereign and independent are actually under ‘occupation’. They are divided due to American strategy and plans so that they become weak and do not offer any palpable threat to Israel. Just see what they have done to countries like Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen. The script was written ever since the day the Cold War ended. Countries have been made systematically unstable, step by step, some have been invaded; some dragged into civil war, while others have been made unlivable by occupation armies’ forces and terrorist organizations. Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and even Indonesia could be the next. Former secretary of the state Henry Kissinger had once said that America is dangerous for its friends as well as for its foes.
Anyway, the battle lines have been drawn. Recently, Daesh attacked Tehran and the symbols chosen as targets were the Iranian parliament and Khomenei’s mausoleum. What happened in Tehran is an intelligence operation. Following the Qatar crisis, covert operations have been started to pit Iran against the Arab world. The Qatar crisis and the attacks in Tehran are part of the same operation. The US fired the first shot in the Arab-Islamic-American summit in Afghanistan, and convinced Saudi-led alliance to fight against Iran. Of course, both sides would buy arms and equipment, which will help American economy. Qatar perhaps refused to be part of the plan; therefore it has been ostracized. The US and the West have been dreaming of such a situation that could lead to endless sectarian wars. And it appears that no Muslim state will stay outside this conflict.
One does not need to be an expert in politics or a strategist to understand US objectives. A few lines of former US president Richard Nixon’s book titled ‘The Real War’ expose the real intentions and motives of the US. Richard Nixon had confessed in the book: “It is naïve to say that another world war may take place to defend the “free world, when in fact the war is actually going on. If the US were to abandon its allies or strategic military areas around the world, or those areas which are rich in mineral resources or lose control over the flow of oil and sea-routes, then in his opinion the free world would not only have lost the war, but its very existence would also be at stake.” The regions of Asia, Africa and Latin America contain the bulk of the world’s mineral wealth on which the US has rivaling eyes.
Americans are rightfully proud of the democratic traditions handed down to them by their forefathers and principles enunciated in the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America. The US has been an engine of growth not only for Europe but also for the rest of the world for over a century. However for more than half a century, the US leadership has shown utter disregard to the principles held dear by their founding fathers and subsequent leaders. Especially the arrogance, adventurism and flawed policies of former president George W. Bush created a situation, which could make the world the most dangerous place to live in. The growth of monopoly capitalism has led to the creation of the monster of imperialism, spreading its tentacles over the rest of the world, colonizing vast territories and continents. Many countries were divided and new states were carved out.
The era of imperialism also saw the development of conflict among the great imperialist countries for a re-division of the world and the control of its markets and resources, resulting in the first and second World Wars that left over 10 million and 50 million dead respectively. And of course the injured and maimed were much more than that. The two world wars during first half of 20th century were known as imperialist wars fought for capturing the markets to keep the wheels of their industries running.
The United States, however, emerged as a major beneficiary of these wars and achieved a central position. After the World War II, the US approach was to involve all major regions and countries that were vital to its global strategy in a system of military pacts such as CENTO, SEATO and NATO, and also bilateral military relationships. But that position is being challenged by rising China and Russia’s efforts to assert more in global affairs.
—The writer is a senior journalist based in Lahore.

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