Patriotism promotes progress

Shakeel Ghouri

Patriotism is an inner feeling of deep love and affection towards one’s own country. It is, indeed, the strong sentiment of patriotism that moves one to even sacrifice one’s life for one’s beloved homeland. It is the most essential factor in the unity and progress of a society. Patriotism prompts people to do something for their country even at the cost of their own benefits. I believe that the rapid and consistent recovery of Japan from the ruins caused by deadly atomic bombs on its twin cities at the end of World War II, can be attributed to the great patriotism of its people. Conversely, lack of patriotism can be a highly devastating factor for a nation. It is worthy to note that these are, in fact, social values that play significant role in fostering the love for one’s country. If social values teach a person to give preference to his homeland over all other concerns, then it is natural for him to remain mindful of his duties as a national being. It is true that the extent to which people of a country, are patriotic depends largely on the sincerity of leaders to their homeland. If leaders themselves have deep love for their country, they can surely be successful in motivating the people to have same tendencies. However, in case of anything opposite, it has ironically been learnt that people are anything but patriotic. In this regard, it is pertinent to say that leaders of Pakistan must realize this fact and they should rise above petty politics to inculcate the nation with a true spirit of nationhood, instead of creating polarization that is inarguably detrimental to the larger interest of nation in the long run. It is their major responsibility to create a powerful national consciousness among Pakistani people that can inspire them to utilize their potential for collective well-being. We must not ignore the fact that patriotism effectively creates social coherence that is of paramount importance in preserving peace and promoting prosperity in a country. These conditions, in turn, are favourable for progress and development. Thus it would be right to regard patriotism as a fuel needed to run the vehicle of a nation towards a prosperous future. Lack of patriotism on the other hand is a debilitating phenomenon that creates crippling handicaps for a nation, which haunt it on every front. There is a dire need to promote such teachings and values as can be pivotal in diluting all the differences among us and making us to realize that, above all, we are a nation and ours’ and our coming generations’ betterment lies only in the stability and prosperity of our beloved country. Our leaders should realize the fact that their personal egos and interests are not more important than the national interest. Sincere efforts should be made to unite the nation and channelising our energies in positive direction. All this can be achieved, only when the love for country supersedes all other trivial affiliations of language, ethnicity, sects, and politics.
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