Patients suffer as Sindh young docs strike again

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Junior doctors in Sindh led by the Young Doctors As-sociation (YDA) re-verted back to protest-ing on Wednesday.
Out Patient Depart-ments (OPD) in vari-ous government hospi-tals remained closed in Sindh.
The young doctors de-mand that their pay packages be similar to the salaries of doctors in Punjab. The YDA is also demanding an end to corrupt practices in provincial hospitals and an increase in health and other allow-ances.
OPDs and operations theatres (OTs) at Jin-nah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC), National Insti-tute of Child Health (NICH), National Insti-tute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD), Lyari General Hospital and other general hos-pitals remained shut along with those in several OPDs in Hy-derabad, Jamshoro, Tando Jam and other districts of the province which brought suffer-ing to the patients and delay in their treat-ment.
Thousands of patients have been suffering and undergoing ex-treme difficulties in Hyderabad, Khairpur, Tharparkar, Nawab-shah and other cities due to the protest called by these young doctors.
The demands of the doctors is an increase in their salaries equiva-lent to other provinces, allowances and health insurance to the same levels as those offered to government doctors in Khyber Pakhtunk-hwa and Punjab.
They said that the pro-vincial government has failed to fulfill their promises.
Earlier, a three-day strike of doctors and paramedics in Sindh’s government hospitals was ended following successful negotiations with the Sindh gov-ernment.
Sindh chief minister’s adviser Barrister Mur-taza Wahab had as-sured them of raising their salaries equiva-lent to those of doctors in Punjab.

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