Party future after defections

Saying good bye to PML-N of eight members is not something surprising as defections from the South Punjab was already on the cards and more are expected in near future apparently to form a separate Province of Saraiki. PML-N defections lead the Movers and Shakers to brain-storming as to ask a few witty questions from the both the (N) Leadership and the Separatists: firstly from the (N) Leadership; after defections, the N-Leadership reiterates that they were already not the part of (N) League which confuses most of us why the (N) leadership has not given such indication to nation before?; After these eight members, to the wit of (N) Leadership, will it tell the nation, how many such others defectors are going to be declared as “Already Non-N-Leaguers” while pointing out their names? Secondly from the Defectors: why these Dissidents were silent during Premiership of Nawaz Sharif and did they have raise their concern of South Punjab being subject to negligence during (N) League tenure before disqualification?
Notwithstanding the defectors’ political gimmick, it is crystal clear that separation of legislators did surely inflict sever dent to Party as national political party and will proportionately ratchet down its national stature accordingly as country’s one of the major parties. Separation of members of any party, be it N-league, MQM, PPP or PTI, shrinks party’s reputation and upcoming elections vote bank. For member to be Life-Long loyal, the Party needs vividly to be democratic as against dynastic and aristocratic, treating all provinces and areas equally in terms of socio-economic development and more surely public service delivery must be a foremost end. As such the “Greatest Strength and Potential Viabilities” of world great Political Parties are: Firstly; “with the death of leader, the Party does not die”: Secondly; “with the change of leadership, the Loyalties do not change.” If leadership’s death or change causes the party to shrink, Party’s viability becomes at stake.

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