Parliament’s regard as important as army, judiciary: Ahsan


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Interior minister Ahsan Iqbal said on Tuesday that parliament’s regard is as important as judiciary’s and army’s. Addressing a press conference in the federal capital, Ahsan said that some hypocrites are pushing to puncture Pakistan’s successes over the years on multiple fronts. Thankfully, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan was not given the lead of Pakistan in General Elections 2013, he said adding that the country is enduring huge political uncertainty out of Panama leaks trial. He said that some people are used to finding out flaws in whatever is going right.
The minister said that Panama leaks case had a toll on economic prospects of Pakistan and certain disappointed politicians pose to be as wise as Aristotle. People should take pride in the successes Pakistan has garnered in her journey, he said. Any leadership other than Pakistan Muslim League-N would have been stuck in quagmire by now in trying to steer Pakistan in the right direction, he said. Iqbal said that the government, police, army and intelligence agencies collectively worked to restore peace in Pakistan. He announced that the government is lifting ban on purchase of bullet-proof vehicles.
The minister said that anyone who pays Rs 0.5 million tax and applies for a Non-objection Certificate would be allowed the purchase. However, the applicant must not have a criminal record, Ahsan Iqbal added. While talking about the controversy over a Prophethood clause in a bill tabled in National Assembly, the interior minister said that all political parties had worked to reverse the ‘mistake’ within 24 hours that ensued.
There is no purpose to protest the issue now as it was resolved then and there, Iqbal added. The minister said that it was not in the interest of Pakistan to raise an issue out of something that all political parties have a consensus about. However, if there are to be protests, government would not interfere unless protesters stage their demonstrations in Parade Ground and not in the Red Zone.
The interior minister also talked about Pakistan’s efforts to eradicate terrorism. He said that the forces and efficient policies of the government have defeated the extremists, however, the battle is still going on. Speaking of the incumbent government, he said that the government is close to completing its tenure. He also assured that the general elections will be held during the month of August 2018. The Interior minister also advised the media organisations to take caution while running news regarding security operations. ‘Irresponsible reporting may lead to terrorists getting warned about an operation against them.
This could prove to be a big lapse.’ Security news should be covered with delicacy, he remarked, adding that before running all security related news get it double-checked with the interior ministry. The interior minister also shared that the ministry has formulated new policy. The Pakistan-origin cards will be issued to overseas Pakistanis or Pakistani-citizens with spouses who have different nationalities. ‘This will allow them to purchase property or carry out other transactions,’ he shared.

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