Parliament’s mature response

THE Senate and the National Assembly Wednesday sent a clear message that the entire Pakistani nation was united and ready to face the challenges thrown by the US President’s new strategy for Afghanistan and South Asia. While the upper house unanimously adopted a report prepared by Committee of the Whole and containing elements of national response, the resolution passed by the lower house was more hard hitting as, besides other things, it called on government to suspend cooperation with the United States and repatriate Afghan refugees in a specified time frame.
The recommendations coming from the two houses truly reflect aspirations of the people and these would surely serve as guidelines for the sub-committee constituted by the National Security Committee after its second meeting in a week aimed at discussing the emerging security environment and how to respond. The envoys of the country to important capitals meeting in the first week of September would also give their input and hopefully a balanced and workable strategy would be firmed up to secure national interests. Condemnation of the US strategy, its tilt towards India and expression of serious concerns over disrespect for Pakistan’s role and sacrifices in the war against terrorism notwithstanding, the overall sentiment is that we should deal with the situation without antagonising the US. We have many cards to play and these should not be lost in fits of emotions and instead a sober approach should be adopted. But one thing is pretty clear that our political sovereignty would remain compromised until and unless we make the country strong economically and do things that unite the nation. People of Pakistan never disappointed the country as they have a firm determination to render every sacrifice to defend the motherland in all respects. However, it is our leadership that has disappointed the country and the nation because of infighting and fissiparous tendencies. The economy was going well but we slaughtered the continuity and stability at the altar of vested interests. Some sections of our media too have made it a point to ignore every positive development and highlight only negativity. We will have to change ourselves before asking others to change their perception of Pakistan.

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