Parliamentarians, teachers role important for promoting peace: Yasmin



Member Provincial Assembly Yasmin Lehri said that the role of parliamentarians and teacher are most important for implementation of law to achieve lasting peace, promotion of Human rights in the society. She said that continuously democracy is best way for resolution of each issues in the country in order to make greatest plane for human rights through consensus of parliamentarians. ”There were lack of confidence between deportments and parliamentarians for implantation of law which would be improved through collective efforts for strengthening of peace in the region”, she added.
MPA Yasmin Lehri expressed these views during the two days session which was organized by Balochistan University in collaboration with Higher Education Commission. Ex Federal Minister for Education Zubaida Jalal also attended the session and said that fundamental education is resources of positive change in the society and adding that provincial government would take measures to arrange more teachers across districts of Balochistan for improving standard education. “Without education could not maintain peace in the society but there were lack of science teachers in the high schools of respective areas”, during her speech she said.
She noted that we had facilitated the private organization of educations for betterment of quality education in the past tenure in the state. Zubaida Jalal added that every member of society is responsible to play vital role for civilizations. Ex-president of Quetta Press Club, Shahzada Zulfiqa said that people of media was playing their important role to aware new youths for importance of peace in the society.
He said that government should take measures to provide jobs to qualified students for providing opportunities to play their vital role for betterment of the society. Director Legislation Parliament Dr. Kashif said that we take collective steps for strengthening peace in the region. He also thanked the participants to attend the two days session of training.
Human activist Fatima said that the change could be started from own house and adding that women were playing their role in different shapes including organizations, teaching profession and agriculture sectors in rural area of the country. Mis, Salma Butt, Joint Director of BARGAD said that such program were arranged in University level.—APP

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