Parliamentarians’ list of assets removed from ECP website

Islamabad—Following intense public criticism and debates over offshore wealth of Pakistani leaders as revealed in the Panama Papers, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has removed asset details of parliamentarians from its website.
The Election Commission was facing intense pressure from ruling quarters for removal of asset details of leaders.
The ECP has also been ordered not to upload such details on website in future, said a source.
The commission had published asset details of last two years of the parliamentarians’, but they are no more available on the website now.
On April 10, 2015, the ECP had released details of Parliamentarians’ assets and liabilities for the financial year 2014.
According to those documents, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s total assets amount to Rs1.75 billion, whereas Imran Khan’s amount to Rs33.3 million. In the previous year -2013, there had been an increase of Rs3 million in Khan’s assets.
Nawaz Sharif owns property worth 250 million in Lahore and investments worth 120 million. The premier owns cars worth 160 million along with property in Lahore worth 250 million. There is also a bungalow worth 10 million under his wife’s name in Murree. Also, the land he received through inheritance amounts to more than a billion rupees.
Imran Khan’s assets show his 300 canal Bani Gala house as well as a 7 canal house in Zaman Park. Khan also showed 2 cows in his assets. Opposition Leader Khursheed Shah’s total assets are worth more than 2 crore.—NNI

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