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Parents to monitor their kids with encouraging well-balanced diet

CHILD Specialist Thursday advised parents of children who are fasting in Ramadan to monitor their kids receive all the essential nutrients through a well-balanced diet of Fruits and vegetables in iftar tables. Talking to media a leading Pediatrician Prof. Dr. Abdul Ghaffar Billoo urged parents to monitor their children and watch for signs of distress, noting that children are at an increased risk for dehydration and may also experience low blood sugar as a result of fasting.
He recommends slow-digesting, fibre-rich foods such as Dates fruits, and vegetables during Iftar , adding, it is important for parents to encourage their children to drink plenty of water and limit stimulants such as sugary and soft drinks in their iftar menu.
Dr Billoo said , children are at high risk for dehydration so it is important for parents to monitor their activity level, particularly when Ramadan falls during the hotter months.
It is also important for parents to monitor their child’s diet, ensuring they eat sufficiently but do not overeat, especially on foods that contain high amounts of fat and sugar, he added.
Parents should start preparing and educating their children early about healthy eating habits for schools as well, he highlighted.
He mentioned , family gathering during Ramadan is especially important for parents of young children and adolescents.
Children’s early experiences of Ramadan informs the feeling and memories they associate with this blessed month throughout their lives, he said.
He advised that Kids must avoid fasting without Sehri as it can make them weak. At the same time, they must avoid over eating.
Restrict your kids from high intensity exercises which may make them weak and thirsty, adding, it is most advisable to break the fast with dates and water. Fried foods should be avoided as much as junk food. Intake of sugar rich foods and refined flour should be avoided. Homemade french fries also recommended for school going kids in their lunch boxes. He said make Ramadan days enjoyable for them by involving them in different acts of worship like charity, feeding poor children and praying with family. For school going children, special emphasis should be placed on calcium intake. Getting children to drink milkshakes or yogurt-based smoothies is an excellent way to boost calcium intake. School children also need plenty of iron for making blood and lean muscle, he said.