Parents’ plight heard

FOR long, parents had been raising their voices against the excesses of private schools and finally it appears that they have been heard. Islamabad High Court in its judgment on Wednesday upheld that the private schools cannot charge fee during summer vacation. Justice Siddiqui who heard the case maintained that receiving school fee during summer vacation by private schools is contempt of court and notices will be served to those schools which have disobeyed the orders.
Indeed this is a welcome verdict on the part of Islamabad High Court to save the parents from the exploitation of private schools who in fact rob the pockets of the parents through different pretexts every now and then. We expect that the high court will not stop here but go ahead with initiating contempt of court proceedings against those educational institutions which despite clear cut court’s orders received summer vacation fee from parents. Then, it is also important that a proper code of conduct or mechanism is evolved that keeps a check on the fee of these private schools which in fact should commensurate with the environment, standard and quality of education they are providing in their vicinities. It is also quite common that the private schools charge high fee and increase it at their own whims but when it comes to payment of good salaries to the teachers, they always show reluctance and even do not pay them salaries on time. This is the reason that the teachers have also moved Islamabad High Court over non-payment of salaries to them. As the matter is seized with the high court, we are confident that it will take the requisite steps that protect the interests of both the students and the teachers. Owners of private schools also need to rise above their greed and commercial interests. Rather making education a business, they should take it as a cause of serving the nation. This will be a great service to the nation. Whilst we are emphasizing quality education at private schools, we cannot absolve the federal and provincial governments of their responsibilities towards provision of quality in public sector schools. In fact a public private partnership in this particular sector can also do wonders to equip our children and youth with the right kind of education that enables them to better compete with the world. Our youth has proved it many a time that they are second to none. It is only matter of provision of enabling environment to them to excel in their respective field.

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