PARC chief urges TAC to focus on quality research

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The objective of the Agricultural Linkage Program (ALP) is to promote and support agricultural research and development activities in accordance with the Pakistan’s long term development goals and to promote long term scientific cooperation between Pakistan and the United States in agricultural sector.
Dr. Yusuf Zafar, T.I., Chairman, PARC has presided over 41st meeting of Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) of Board of Directors of Agricultural Linkages Program (ALP) at PARC (HQs) on Monday to technically evaluate the project proposals received under 8th Batch of ALP.
In 41st TAC meeting, altogether 30 projects are presented for evaluation, out of which 24 have been cleared by the refrees and relevant divisions of PARC, whereas 6 have not been recommended at both ends. DG P&DD and Executive Director of ALP Dr. Ghulam Rasool briefed about the agenda of the meeting.
While presiding over the meeting Chairman PARC welcomed the committee members and said that the ALP is an endowment fund established at PARC with the support of Government of USA to use for activities/projects in line with the Pakistan’s long-term research/development goals for the agriculture sector. The Committee approved minutes of the last meeting.
Dr. Yusuf Zafar urged the members to reduce the processing time and also urged the TAC members to focus on good quality of research. He said that PARC running this program very efficiently since its inception.

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