AND as I watched the elections results unfold, one word stood stark against background of country: Pappu! From day one, people, even supporters of Congress party started using the rather derogatory name, lampooning the young Rahul, even before he had started. I am not going to waste my time today on talking about the man and the people who continuously used that term on Rahul, but I am going to ask you to spend a few moments on thinking about what happens when we get ridiculed.
All of us have faced ridicule, and we can either succumb to it, react to it, or laugh it off. When I saw the hug Rahul gave to Modi in Parliament a few months ago, I realized that Rahul had laughed off the ridicule. Which does not mean it doesn’t hurt the victim. If you go back to the names and nicknames given to you over the years unless you are one of those lucky ones, you will find that the idea is to lethally wound you. “Lets call him a name which will hurt him deep!” is the intention.
You cannot prevent the name caller from doing that, but you can handle it realistically by asking yourself the following questions. “Am I really what they are calling me?” If not, then it will die a natural death, and if I am then let me change myself so that I am no more what I’m called. I remember there was a boy in my school, called, “Bully!” Well I guess he deserved the name because he was one.
Secondly, start looking to see why you are called that, and you will get the startling realization that you are important enough or you are a big enough threat to the other person that he has started using the missile of ridicule to attack you. If you were too small, or too insignificant you would have been left alone. Maybe that is what Rahul realized, and maybe the Pappu name gave him such a boost that he used it to fuel todays achievement.
Most everyone in India, made fun of the dimpled cheek son, of a martyred Prime Minister, but that boy, carrying the burden of that ridicule, used it to galvanize people to vote for his party. Now coming back to the person who does the name calling. Very often, the slur given by that person is something, he, either in childhood or adulthood was afraid of being called that. Who, I wonder is the real pappu?

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