Pandemonium in Parliament

Nighat Leghari

THE year is about to end but unending controversies and confrontation between the opposition and the government on petty points i.e. the activities of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf and the retirement of the Chief of Army Staff has disrupted the whole business of Parliament. A negative criticism has always been a source of destruction and creates hindrances in pursuing the future goals. To our bad luck in our parliaments, a negative criticism always created the conditions for outbreak of violence.
Currently the pandemonium has become a classified example in our parliaments. The sessions are done over making the thing up or lie, and momentum between the opposition and the treasury is not yet built. The members entered the august house, exchange pleasantries and sarcastic remakes on each other. The house presents the scene of a theatre where a conjurer cuts capers on the floor, and the lady members frequently fight physically.
In reality the growing trend of misbehaviour in our parliaments show the exclusive genetic behaviour of every member. In spite of their efforts to conceal their behaviour of feudal, the industrialization and realisation determine their behaviour background and educational level. The bitter truth is that the basic bricks have been put improperly. The whole new political set up is based on wrong. All the fugitives of money laundering criminals are back in Parliaments. They are once again in a position to avail the opportunities of benefits. They are engaged in fraudulent extortion of wealth and building up their own personal empires. Now all the development funds, which were dished out to them earlier, are being invested for their personal benefits.
The Panama Leaks has become the singular issue in Parliament and all other issues concerning the put on the back-burner people have been a and over looked. Ridiculous enough that all the members of parliament took oath under the divine legislation and after occupying the lofty chairs of powers and prerogative they stood against it. This is a single example of perjury in the history of parliaments across the world. The condition and the agonies which, the downtrodden people are facing are now on an alarming stage. The restlessness and disappointments among the unemployed youth has created glooming conditions across the country. A lot of time has been invested on debating the retirement age of the high court judges in the parliament, overlooking the age of a number of younger who have been entered into the retirement without getting into any job.
A horrible news of a English daily is enough to shake the conscience of our leaders. The paper reads, a few youngsters held a girl of 16 from a nearby home while she was alone at home they reaped her massively then torn her stomach inserted a burning piece of cloth of the trouser in her stomach and when she expired they stamped a word “satisfaction” on her forehead with her own blood. Could this atrocity or savagery provided vision, to the leaders of an Islamic country? Incidents likewise have become the deal of the days now. The leading success of our Ulema in the elections and their number strength in the parliament brought more havoc to the country. Their rigidity and obstinacy at every point have created such a sorry state that no business is on round except the confrontation or threats of agitation, resultantly all issues related to public welfare are left unsolved.
In 18th century in France, a parliament was made up comprising the religious group the priests. This was called Estate General Parliament these priests attained all the privileges and spend very luxurious lives but soon the people of France felt that these priests have brought a big bad change to France and its people. Actually the religious groups are always taken as the guarantee of righteousness in all the social economic and political affairs in all the countries, but in fact the religious groups are only aware of the knowledge concerned with theology. They don’t have the knowledge of world’s affairs or international capitals. Therefore, France very soon ended the Government of Priests and French National Assembly set up a Directory (A group of men) which chose a general to run Parliament.
In fact the success of mainstream, leaders of religious group in the parliament, our Ulema presumed that now they were strong enough to bring Islamic revolution like that of Iran in 1979. But the facts and features behind the Iranian revolution are quite different from ours. In 1979, the conditions and political climate provided a good deal of support to the revolution which met success, firstly the speedy pace of Westernisation and modernization of the Iranian people and Shah’s policies which generated massive social and economic problems, Shah’s policies of threats arrogance and growing economic inequalities among the people provided incentive to the religious group to come forward and introduce an Islamic system in the country.
The most important factor which paved the way for Islamic Government was the person who impressed upon the people of Iran very much. It was Imam Khumani who brought to Iran, revolution, presented himself as the true model of Islam. He was least interested in power politics. He was totally aloof from the worldly facilities or economic benefits. People gathered around him very rapidly and followed every step taken by him and every word spoken by him. The situation and the concept of Ulema in our country are quite different from Iran.
Our Ulema enjoy all the facilities and the privileges, which they are entitled to. They take themselves very much superior from the general public. In fact all of our Ulema are teachers in their Madaris and they behave in Parliament house as exacting masters. The disputes and controversies among the opposition and the Government has always been a part of the parliament proceedings but currently as the opposition comprises on Ulema in majority, their specific behaviour and concepts have made the house upset. This is quite obvious that even in the presence of democratic set up, people are facing the period of worst deprivation of their basic rights. In fact almost every member of the parliament is in a mood to choose the course of Cause-Belli and no way of coordination on any issue concerning the public.
— The writer is a freelance columnist based in Multan.

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