Panama paper case

U K Dar

Under the circumstances, it is a best decision by the Supreme Court. I fully endorse it and it should bring an end to the path of confrontation taken by the PTI which was not a sensible choice in the first instance. Such things have to be settled in court of law with evidences rather than rhetoric and mere accusations. I would request PTI to come out of the agitational politics and start its constructive role especially in the KP. One more fact that is being neglected by the political parties because of this Panama case is crises being faced by Muslim World in areas like Kashmir, Palestine, Syria etc. Indian leaders’ war mongering on Kulbhushan Yadav case is also been neglected by main stream political leaders and no one has responded back to Indians in the words understood by them. I would also urge the media to put petty issues at the back burner and for once start highlighting the plight of Muslims in the world especially in Kashmir, which are being butchered by Indians because of their desire to merge with Pakistan.

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