Palestinians languishing in Israeli jails

ISRAELI fascism and extremism has no limits. Apart from targeting and killing the innocent Palestinians in the Gaza strip and the West Bank on routine basis to suppress their resistance, the world’s most racist state is also illegally keeping hundreds of Palestinians in detention cells including a good number of children who suffer daily from the state sanctioned torture and deplorable living conditions.
Reportedly 7,500 Palestinians have been languishing in Israeli prisons including four hundred children and, due to squalid and harsh conditions, most of them are suffering from chronic ailments. Israel in fact is one of the few countries in the world to have legalized the use of torture and this leaves no doubt in anybody’s mind that how the ill fated Palestinian detainees would have been facing atrocious treatment at the hands of their captors during interrogation. Since the invasion of Afghanistan and the opening of Guantanamo detention centre, Israel has tried to follow American footsteps making conditions even harsher for the detainees and trying to make it appear as though the Palestinians imprisoned for fighting for their freedom are nothing more than terrorists which in fact is contrary to facts and ground realities. Despite all the oppressive tactics, Israel has failed to choke the voice and spirit of Palestinians for their cause. Resistance against Israeli occupation actually runs in the bloods of every Palestinian. While in the past efforts were made to broker a two state solution but unfortunately these all failed due to intransigence of Israel as well as the double standards of the United States. Obama administration, which is left with few months in office now, failed to make any little progress towards resolving this lingering conflict. All this has only emboldened Israel to break all records of brutalities and barbarism and the recent reports of the torture of Palestinians prisoners should at least jolt the human rights organizations and international community to wake up from deep slumber and come forward for the protection of the rights of these prisoners. Muslim countries should also highlight the plight of these prisoners at all world forums, forcing Israel to abide by the international human rights laws.

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