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Writers’ House renovated, upgraded to serve ‘real VIPs’

Zubair Qureshi

Islamabad—Unfortunately, writers and poets are considered cases of classical failure in our society and very few, especially in the government circles, know their real worth. On the other hand, in advanced countries and civilized societies these gentle souls are considered VIPs and all the government departments, representatives, public and private institutions, individuals keep them in their highest esteem. Recently, Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) Chairman Dr Qasim Bughio has taken a number of initiatives as a mark of respect to writers and poets across the country.
Renovation and up gradation of the Writers House is the latest laurel in Bughio cap as now the writers community across the country can visit Islamabad without thinking where they will stay. PAL’s Writers House has not only been made functional, it is also renovated, upgraded and well-staffed.
Talking to Pakistan Observer, PAL Chairman Dr Qasim Bughio said since his first day as Chairman of the PAL, he took upon himself the responsibility to provide excellent residential facilities to the guest writers who come from other cities and towns. Earlier, the Writers House was being ignored and one could see the staff of the writers’ house using its things, sleeping on the sofa and giving a bad impression to the few guests staying in its rooms. The rooms too were not in good condition. They were shabby, poorly kept and room service was also in bad condition.
About kitchen of the Writers House, an important attraction for the guests, there used to be single dish menu and sometime writers complained there was no variety. Now the menu too is revised and the guests cannot only enjoy ‘the menu of the day,’ they can also place order for their own. Writers Café is set up to cater to the culinary needs of the writers.
About rooms and their uplift, it is again good news that the rooms have been furnished; new beds have been placed with new bedclothes. The laundry service is also improved and the guests can now feel quite at home at the Writers’ Café. A visitor taking his lunch at the Writers Café told this scribe that not only he but many from the offices, hospital and a private university campus—all adjacent to the PAL—come here for their daily meal. The food is good, hygienic and rates are quite affordable.
According to the administration of the Writers House, room charges for the writers will continue to remain the same while the ‘non-writers’ will have to bear rescheduled charges. Since we are now providing the excellent services, it is quite rational that rates should be revised. Still our rates will be less than many guest houses located in various sectors of Islamabad, said a staff member of the Writers House. For writers, however, PAL chairman has given clear instructions not to put extra burden on them, he said, as “they are our VIPs.”

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