Pakistan’s popularity in IHK

M Rashid Tabassum

Kashmiris love Pakistan and their expression of love for Pakistan is increasing day by day. They declare their emotions at every event, festival and incident. They enjoy every festival with Pakistan. This year, Kashmiris celebrated Eid-ul-Fitr with Pakistan. They also celebrate on 14 August Pakistan Independence Day. They staged rallies hoisting Pakistani flags. Kashmiris observe 15 August independence day of India as black day. They set Pakistan’s national anthem as the ring tone on their mobile. They attend funeral prayers of martyrs in colossal numbers which are fighting against Indian forces. They bury their martyrs in Pakistani flag.
Furthermore, word “Pakistan” and Pakistani flag are most popular in Kashmir. Wall chalking against Indian occupation and in favour of independence are common in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK). Slogans like ‘Indian Dogs Go Back, Go India Go Back, India Quit Kashmir and We want freedom’ can be seen on walls. Former Chief Minister IOK and President National Conference (NC) Doctor Farooq Abdullah has also accepted that Kashmiri nation loves Pakistan and New Delhi cannot wipe it out even if throws open all its treasuries.
Moreover, Pakistani singer Raja Rapstar produced a song recently, about the current Indian cruelties in Occupied Kashmir. Song has become popular in Kashmiris youth and has been made a part of freedom movement. It is echoing in anti-India rallies and demonstrations. Over 2 Million people have watched it on social media. Kashmiris are setting it as mobile ring tone. Lyrics of song show hate with India.
Adding more, Curfew has been imposed in Kashmir since July 09. Kashmiris are holding rallies daily against Indian cruelty, waving Pakistan’s national flag. Near about 100 Kashmiris has been martyred by Indian forces firing. Hundreds of Kashmiris have lost their eye-sight due to pallet gun shells and thousands have been injured by Indian forces firing. Approximately, Kashmir’s economy is suffering enormous losses daily.
Including more, when Pakistani Cricket Team wins the match or Indian Team loses the match, Kashmiris celebrate. Kashmiris celebrated India’s defeat over West Indies in the Cricket World Cup T20 semi-final. In past, 67 Kashmiri students were suspended from Meerut University for celebration for Pakistan team. University registered a case of mutiny against these students. These were also charged with disturbing communal harmony.
This is not the only one incident when Kashmiri students were harassed for cheering for Pakistani team win. Also, Sharda University in Greater Noida also expelled 6 Kashmiri students for cheering for Pakistan’s victory over India in Asia Cup. Kashmiri students, which are studying in Indian Universities, have been harassed and even beaten up by Indian locals. In another incident, over 100 Kashmiri students were displaced from Noida hostel and 3 of them were brutally beaten and forced to chant against anti-Pakistan slogans. Despite of these harassment incidents, Kashmiri students still support Pakistani team and they are fans of Pakistani cricketers and Pakistani cricket team.
Concluding, freedom movement of Kashmir is at climax. Kashmiris have proved at every occasion that they love Pakistan and cannot live without Pakistan. Now it is the need of the hour that Pakistani government and nation both stand with Kashmiris. Kashmiris’ freedom movement should be supported at every stage. Government has appointed 22 parliamentarians as special representatives to different countries to raise the Kashmir issue at all international forums. Indian brutality should be exposed.
— The writer is freelance columnist based in Lahore

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