Pakistan’s moral superiority

RECENT statements by Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Nawaz Sharif and his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi conveyed a clear message to people of the region as well as the world about their approach to the issues of peace and security and good neighbourly relations. While Pakistan Prime Minister, during his visit to Turkey, reiterated his Government’s policy of promoting good relations with all countries including India, his Indian counterpart, on Friday, hurled baseless accusations against Pakistan by claiming that the country was behind train accident in UP in November last year.
This pattern of goodwill gestures from Pakistan and provocative and aggressive designs from the other side has been visible throughout the history of bilateral relations but is more conspicuous during tenure of Premier Narendra Modi, who depends heavily on extremist consistencies for his political support. He fought elections with anti-Pakistan slogans and rhetoric and has been banking on this policy whenever political exigencies demand this. Throughout 2016 Indian forces indulged in ceasefire violations resulting into killing of innocent people on this side of the Line of Control and the Working Boundary and the pattern is continuing even in 2017. The Indian PM has also been threatening of abrogating the Indus Basin Treaty unilaterally and is practically implementing policies to deny Pakistan of its due share of water under the accord. His allegation that Pakistan was behind derailment in UP is nothing but part of the venomous propaganda aimed at making Pakistan a scapegoat every time when something ominous happens in India. This has also been acknowledged by independent analysts that Indian politicians have a long history of using rivalry with Pakistan to stoke nationalist sentiments ahead of elections. This is also borne out by the fact that media reports at the time of Indore-Patna train derailment clearly pointed out the accident happened due to over-speeding. In fact, despite best efforts of Pakistan to have normal relations with India, New Delhi is not reciprocating because of its internal weaknesses and hegemonic designs. People of Pakistan want peace in the region but it takes two to tango.

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