Pakistan’s message of amity

IN his address to the opening ceremony of BOAO forum in Hainan Province of China on Tuesday, Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, who is leading the country’s delegation to the important moot, conveyed Pakistan’s message of peace and amity to the world, emphasising that the country is pursuing a developmental agenda and a vision of regional connectivity for security and stability of the region. He pointed out that development and security remain intrinsically indivisible. Only by spreading the dividends of open trade and shared innovation we will be able to promote tolerance and amity and deny space to extremism. The China-Pakistan-Afghanistan trilateral framework is aimed at achieving these very objectives.
There are numerous allies in the world but the friendship between Pakistan and China is very special in that it is bedrock of strategic stability and is not directed against any other country. While some regional and global powers are colluding in different fields and sectors to sharpen their capabilities to dominate the region and the world in the domains of economy, security and defence, Pakistan and China have entered into a strategic partnership for the common good of their people besides those of the region and beyond. This is amply demonstrated by the Chinese initiative of One Belt, One Road Initiative, which is aimed at connecting different regions and continents in a chain of economic interests. Pakistan-China Economic Corridor is flagship project of this initiative and with the commitment of the leadership of the two countries, a number of projects have either been completed or they are in advance stages of implementation. Addition of ten thousand megawatts of electricity to the national grid has already provided immense relief to consumers in Pakistan that were previously experiencing up to 20 hours of load-shedding daily. Similarly, Gwadar could not be developed during the last {nearly} seventy years but now a comprehensive plan of action has been drawn and different projects are under implementation to take advantage of this strategic port and its connectivity with other parts of the country and regional countries. The pace of national and regional economic development would surely pick up further if projects like CASA-1000, TAPI and Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline projects are translated into reality.

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