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Pakistan’s first Vlog Summit 2019 concludes

Vlog Summit 2019 was held at Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai Auditorium Islamabad where prominent local and international Vloggers for the very first time came on the same platform and shared their success stories and current vlogging trends. They elaborated how a vlog can be used to influence the opinion of masses. Participants of the summit came from both government and corporate sector in addition had many student participants.
Chief Guest of the event Deputy Chinese Ambassador Mr. Lijian Zhao shared his views about the event saying, “Such sessions are so much healthy and must be organized regularly to make people aware about the trending mediums”. Further he said, Pakistan is now among the top travel destinations around the world and it is very safe to travel with in Pakistan. In the end he said, “I highly appreciate the efforts made by team AlphaPro and congratulate them on success of vlog summit 2019.”
Another speaker and a famous vlogger from a remote village of Pakistan, Mubashir Siddique shared his experience about how he started and how his journey has been throughout, Mubashir had this very motivational message for all the new vloggers. He said, “You need to be very patient with vlogging. It is all about making mistakes and then learning from your own mistakes.—INP