Pakistanis continue to condemn Achakzai

IT is encouraging that anti-Pakistan remarks, churned out by Mahmood Khan Achakzai, leader of Pakhtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party (PKMAP), attracted countrywide condemnation with demands for serious notice of his comments made during an interview with an Afghan newspaper. PML(Q) leader Ch. Pervaiz Elahi has also rightly pointed out that Achakzai violated his oath by making remarks against security and solidarity of the country and that his outbursts make him liable to be proceeded against Article-6 of the Constitution that relates to sedition.
Strong reaction of the people against such a statement is quite understandable as in the past too some so-called leaders and parties indulged in similar rhetoric but Achakzai is, perhaps, ignoring what happened to them and their philosophy. Those talking about breaking of Pakistan are being dumped by the history into permanent oblivion but Achakzai is trying to revive a cause that no one supports. However, it is satisfying that even in Balochistan, from where Achakzai belongs, condemnatory statements from people belonging to different walks of life have been emanating during the last one week. All this reaction is understandable because sentiments of people have badly been bruised by the seditious statement, as also is reflected by large-scale condemnation in the social media as well. It is, however, surprising, rather shocking, that the Government and its institutions have adopted a somewhat shameful silence on the issue as if nothing has happened. The attitude of the ruling PML(N) is understandable as it can hardly afford to take a tough public stance against statement of the leader of an allied party and that too at this critical juncture when it needs moral and physical support of other parties to address the political challenge being thrown by some opposition parties in the garb of Panama Leaks. However, it is all the more regrettable that the institutions concerned have also preferred a policy of indifference on a highly contentious issue. We believe that a case should be instituted against Achakzai, relevant agencies should investigate whether this was an off-the-cough remark or part of the sinister design against solidarity of the country. Likewise, the Supreme Court, which takes notice of a bottle of whisky in the possession of Attiqa Odho, should also take suo moto notice of this rebellious statement.

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