Pakistani author’s online novel wins applause


Trend of online novels picking up

Zubair Qureshi

Islamabad—Saleem Ijaz Shafi’s online novel is critically appreciated by a wide range of critics and literary commentators calling it a whiff of fresh air and reflection of original thoughts and ideas. The novel ‘The Butterfly’s Wing’ is a personal journey of the writer’s inner self as he discovers love and its deep impact which transcends the boundaries between the rival countries of India and Pakistan.
In the wake of the recent tension between the two countries, the novel, its story, plot and locale have become all the more important as it talks about love and its theme is about love between two persons belonging to two rival countries. The riveting theme and the romance of the cities of Lahore, Delhi and others in the subcontinent leave a spellbinding impact on the readers.
Although the novel doesn’t exist in the hardcover or paperback edition and is present only online yet it is the subject of wide discussion and has won accolades even at the Algonkin and Backspace conferences in Manhattan, New York. The novel is actually an uplifting journey of an ailing heart and the specters that confront it. The Butterfly’s Wing will reawaken within you long after you turn its final page.
Besides the spell its theme, characterization and plot of the novel cast upon the readers, the online edition speaks volumes about the popular trend of publishing online edition by the talented Pakistani writers. “The trend of online novels is picking up among our writers and poets and time is not far when a majority of them will be resorting to them,” said a senior literary critic when asked to comment.

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