Pakistan won’t bow down to any US pressure: Kh Asif


Tells US to accept defeat in Afghanistan
Sophia Siddiqui


Foreign Minister Khawaja Miuhammad Asif has stated in categorical terms that Pakistan is no longer taking orders or accepting the US pressure. In response to the US President Donald Trump’s criticism, the country did not surrender or make any compromise, he said while briefing the Upper House about the visit of the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to Islamabad and meeting with Pakistani leadership.
Asif said the country had to make a compromise following the 9/11 attacks, and today the country has to pay a price for it. He added that the incumbent government did not compromise on national interest as former military ruler Pervez Musharraf did and neither were orders taken from the US.
Khawaja Muhammad Asif said that no compromise will be made on sovereignty and dignity of the country and all the national institutions are on one page to safeguard Pakistan’s interests.
He said the meeting was held in cordial atmosphere and there was no accusation from either side rather both the sides discussed different ways for cooperation for the elimination of terrorism from the region.
The Minister said that during the meeting, we have clarified the visiting dignitaries that Pakistan will not get involved in any kind of proxy war but will continue to play its role for peace and security in the region.
He said we want to expand relation with United States on the basis of equality and self-respect. He said we have conveyed to the US Secretary of State that we do not need any kind of financial and material support but our cooperation can be enhanced while sharing actionable intelligence. He said we conveyed to them that due to actionable intelligence sharing their hostages were recovered from Taliban during this month.
Khawaja Muhammad Asif said that we clarified that a peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan is in the best interest of the Pakistan. He said durable peace in Pakistan is linked with peace in Afghanistan.
He said use of force is not the solution of Afghan issue and we conveyed the message that the issue should be resolved politically and Pakistan will play its due role in this regard.
Afghanistan’s role as a facilitator for India is not acceptable to Pakistan. Asif said nearly 45 per cent of Afghanistan’s territory was under Daesh control, adding that terrorists would not need Pakistan for their hideouts as they have ample space available in Afghanistan. “We informed that Talibans are being playing the role of facilitators to some countries and the arrest of Indian spay Kalbushan Yadev is example of this.”
Khawaja Asif said that US Secretary praised that Pakistan is fencing border with Afghanistan and asked US Authorities to also invest for fencing on the Afghan side to permanently stop the movement of Taliban across the border.
He said we also proposed to the US government for repatriation of Afghan refugees to their homes because due to their presence in Pakistan their movement cannot be stopped. He said after the repatriation of Afghanis and fencing on the Pak-Afghan border there will be a complete control over the movement of terrorist across the border.
The Minister said that Pakistan has unmatched experience in the war against terror and we have made our country safe and secure after great sacrifices of our security forces and people of the country. He said this was trust of the US government on Pakistan’s security situation that the US Secretary was given a normal security that is required while in Afghanistan he did not come out of the Airbase and held meetings with Afghan President there.
Muhammad Asif said that we also conveyed to the Secretary that countries of the region including China, Turkey and Iran also have stakes in the regional peace and therefore, they should also be taken on board.
He said that the US Secretary also extended cooperation for reducing tension on the eastern border so that Pakistan will focus fully on the western border.
Khawaja Muhammad Asif said that Pakistan has also exchanged a list of terrorists with US and Afghanistan and they have given us a list of about seventy-five terrorists while we provided them a list of around hundred terrorists.
Talking about the Trump’s new policy for South Asia, Khawaja Muhammad Asif said “we conveyed to the US that a policy has been prepared by those generals who have failed to maintain peace and achieve success in Afghanistan in sixteen years. He said we proposed that the policy should be formulated by the politicians.

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