Pakistan water storage sufficient for 30 days only

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Pakistan can store only 10 percent of its annual water flows, which can meet a demand of only 30 days, as 29 million acre feet (MAF) water escapes below Kotri Barrage every year on the average. The availability of per capita water has reduced to 908 cubic meter in 2017 from 5260 cubic meter in 1951 due to the exponential population growth.
WAPDA Advisor Daimer Basha Dam Dr. Izhar-ul-Haq made these startling revelations in a presentation during the visit of National Defence University (NDU), Islamabad delegation to the Wapda House on Friday.
He briefed the delegation about the needs of construction dams to enhance water storage capacity and cope with the water requirements of the country. “Some 20 million acres of additional land can be irrigated with the availability of additional water.”
He told the delegation that WAPDA is constructing six hydropower projects with a cumulative generation capacity of about 4800 MW. Three projects including Golen Gol, Neelum Jhelum and Tarbela 4thExtension hydropower projects of 2500 megawatt capacity will be completed by early to middle of 2018 in phases. Meanwhile, seven projects, including Golen Gol, Neelum Jhelum and Tarbela 4thExtension hydropower with gross water storage capacity of more than 10 MAF and power generation capacity of more than 16, 000 MW are ready for construction. In a separate briefing, General Manager (Revenue and Commercial Operation) PEPCO Engineer Muhammad Saleem informed the delegation about power sector reforms, existing power generation capabilities, generation mix, consumption patterns, line losses, receivables and circular debt.

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