Pakistan urges ban on autonomous weapons

United Nations

Pakistan has called for a moratorium on the production of Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems (LAWS), known as “killer robots”, that are capable of making their own combat decisions without human intervention, saying such devices would undermine world peace.
“Any weapon system that delegates life and death decisions to machines, is by nature unethical, and cannot fully comply with international law including International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Law,” Pakistani delegate Husham Ahmed told the General Assembly’s First Committee, which deals with disarmament and international security matters.
“LAWS gravely threaten international and regional peace and security as they lower the threshold of war,” Husham Ahmed, who is director of arms control and disarmament in the foreign ministry. said.
“They would also negatively affect progress on arms control, non-proliferation and disarmament,” he added, while also underlining the threat of non-state actors and terrorists acquiring armed drones.
Developments in artificial intelligence should not outpace the regulations governing them, the Pakistani delegate said, calling for a legally binding framework. Pakistan, he said, supports an open ended working group through the Group of governmental Experts on lethal autonomous weapons and is open to addressing the issue in other multilateral forums, including the Conference on Disarmament.
Pakistan views the trans-border unauthorized use of armed drones outside of international armed conflict, especially against civilians, as violation of International Law.—APP

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