Pakistan serves cause of Africa

AT the Security Council debate on UN-AU cooperation, Pakistan very aptly put its weight behind the increased representation of African countries in the United Nations Security Council emphasizing that the number of their seats be enhanced at the world body on the basis of periodic elections and fixed rotation.
It has been the hallmark of Pakistan that it has always raised voice and supported the oppressed and subjugated people. Not only it has always been at the forefront of sending peace keeping troops to conflict ridden African countries but in the past also especially in the 60s, it was the Pakistan which supported African people for their right to self determination. As regards representation of different regions in the UNSC is concerned, it is unfortunate that the big African continent, despite being recipient to most declarations on peace and security is under-represented at the world body which otherwise should be more representative, democratic, and accountable to equally serve all regions of the world but on the contrary currently some powerful countries are making it hostage due to veto power. This is also actually the use of the veto power that has prevented the resolution of lingering disputes of Kashmir and Palestine. It is in this context that Pakistan has rightly been advocating that the Council’s expansion should respond to the concerns and aspirations of all, not just a few. The best way to accommodate the legitimate regional and political aspirations of member states, therefore, is to expand the Council in the non-permanent category instead of creating more powerful permanent seats that will only make the Council more undemocratic and imbalanced and add to the concerns of the under-represented regions. Expansion in non-permanent category will allow larger regions, such as Asia and Africa, to accommodate cross-regional and political groups, including OIC, the Arab League and the African Union. It is clear that regional representation will be the first and foremost victim of the flawed idea of additional permanent seats in the Council, unless the occupants of such seats are representing a region and are accountable to the member states of that region. We are confident that Pakistan will incessantly continue its untiring efforts along with other likeminded countries towards ensuring wider representation of underrepresented regions in the UNSC.

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