Pakistan Resolution

Bhagwan Bhatti
Mithi, Tharparkar

While listening to brief comments of common men and women as well as and members of Provincial and National Assembly members regarding Pakistan Day aired in different national talk-shows, it was pitiable experience how little they knew about the day which they were celebrating with euphoria and fervour. Some common men responded that they were celebrating because it was holiday. Some members of assemblies mumbled, giggled and evaded the question about the importance of Pakistan Day and its origin. Moreover, on Pakistan Day, those politicians who appeared in the talk shows to comment and discuss about the importance of the day, were even not familiar with basic facts and figures of the history. Minister for Trade, Khurran Dastigar, in Capital Talk show, said that “ in 1940, Muhamaad Ali Jinnah was not called Quaid-i-Azam at that time.”He didn’t know that Muhammad Ali Jinnah was given title of Quaid-i-Azam in 1938 by Moulana Mazzahar-ud-Din. It is unfortunate we have elected representatives that do not know one of the major incidents of history that led to the creation of Pakistan. Let me educate you politicians. It was March 23,1940 on which a resolution was presented by A K Fazalul Haq in Minto Park, Lahore, that demanded independent separate ‘states’ for Muslim majority areas, where Muslims can live with their political and religious aspirations. It was Amjadi Bano Begum, wife of Moulana Muhammad Ali Jouhar, who used term “Pakistan Resolution” in her address on the March 23. Earlier, it was named as Lahore Resolution and later it changed into Pakistan Resolution. It was Quaid-i-Azam who was presiding the session in Lahore. In 1960, a memorial’s work, in the shape of Minar-e-Pakistan, was started at the place where the resolution was presented and passed and was completed in 1968 and opened to the public.

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