Pakistan rejects US claims of terrorists safe havens in FATA


Kaswar Klasra


Taking the bull by the horns, Foreign Office on Friday strongly rejected allegations of safe havens in FATA, and reiterated that Pakistan does not allow its territory to be used for attacks against any other country.
“The often repeated claims regarding safe havens are, therefore, more of rhetoric than anything else. We wish to reemphasize that some foreign elements are exploiting the situation and using Afghan soil against Pakistan, in particular, and the region, at large,” said spokesperson of Foreign Office on Friday.
In a move which many in Pakistan believe, is a clue that the US doesn’t regard Pakistan as its important ally in ‘War against terrorism’, US State Department has said that the remoteness of the area and the military’s tactical limitations prevent Islamabad from eliminating all terrorist safe havens.
Followed by these dubious and unrealistic claims, a statement issued by the Foreign Office later on Friday stated that Pakistan’s contribution to the international community’s fight against terrorism and the sacrifices that it rendered have been acknowledged by the world, including the US at various levels of their leadership, EU and others countries .
The statement was issued in a response to International Media reports which quoted US state department’s reports alleging that Significant parts of Pakistan along its border with Afghanistan, including Waziristan, Balochistan and FATA, continue to be a safe haven for terrorists.
Earlier on Tuesday, US States department spokesman Mark Toner also endorsed Kabul’s claim that the existence of safe havens in Fata allowed terrorists to carry out attacks inside Afghanistan whenever they want.
Toner, during a press briefing, urged the Pakistani government to realize that “Afghanistan’s security, Pakistan’s security, indeed India’s security, they’re all interconnected”. The three countries, he said, needed to work together to defeat terrorism.
The comments followed twin suicide blasts near the Afghan parliament earlier this week on Tuesday that killed scores. Another blast in Kandahar killed the UAE Ambassador Juma Mohammed Abdullah Al Kaabi and wounded some other diplomats.
The US State Department’s report sent shocking waves into Pakistan’s power corridors, Pakistan Observer has learned reliably.
Disappointed by the US claims, Foreign Office not only rejected the allegations but also tried to make Obama Administration realize that Pakistan lost thousands of its citizens and economic losses of over US$ 100 billion due to the menace of terrorism.
The statement issued by the Foreign Office boldly mentioned Zarb-e-Azb which quelled militancy from FATA.
“ The successes of Zarb-e-Azb are manifested in the improved security and economic situation in Pakistan, particularly near Pakistan-Afghanistan border. The results of our military action are there for everyone to see through peace and stability at our borders with Afghanistan.
The US Parliamentarians and US Commanders have visited the FATA Areas and publicly acknowledged the successes of Pakistan’s counter-terrorism drive,” Foreign Office stated.
Spokesperson of Foreign Office said that Afghanistan is infested with many terrorist organizations due to the instability there, which has created space for the terrorist elements such as Haqqani Network’s leadership, TTA, TTP, Daesh, Al-Qaeda, Jamaat-ul-Ahraar, etc. It is, therefore, not appropriate to blame others for the adversities due to the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan. Also on Friday, Foreign Office stated that the activities of Indian RAW and NDS nexus remains a matter of deep concern to Pakistan,” Spokesperson said. “ Pakistan remains committed to peace efforts in Afghanistan as it is not only in the interest of the region but more importantly, Pakistan. It is unfortunate that our sincere efforts towards stability in Afghanistan are being maligned.
“ Pakistan wants peace and stability in Afghanistan. We are engaged in border management which is imperative for effective counter terrorism,” said the Spokesperson,” adding that Pakistan will continue its policy of cooperation with international community to defeat the menace of terrorism.

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