Pakistan reaches out to world

PRIME Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi who is in New York to address the annual UN General Assembly session, has held wide ranging talks with leadership of different countries including the US, Turkey, Iran, Sri Lanka, Jordan. Besides discussing bilateral relations, talks focused on matters of regional peace and stability. Given the recent tension in relations in the wake of new US policy, all eyes were definitely set on the outcome of Prime Minister’s important meeting with the US Vice President Mike Pence. According to content of the meeting made available to the media, we understand it remained substantive as both the sides agreed to resolve their bilateral issues through dialogue and for this purpose a US delegation will also visit Pakistan next month.
Given the challenges faced by the South Asian region especially the situation in Afghanistan, it is indeed need of the hour that both Pakistan and the US stay engaged at different levels in order to address the issues in a collaborative manner. Pointing fingers, repeating the mantra of ‘do more’ or using threatening tone will not serve any purpose but will further deteriorate the situation. It has always been the policy and desire of Pakistan to address complicated issues facing the region through greater collaboration amongst regional countries and influential capitals. This was the reason that the QCG for pushing forward Afghan peace process came into being. Improvement of security situation in the country is also a clear proof of Pakistan’s commitment in the war on terror. Instead of repeating the blunders of Afghan war, the US authorities need to understand the ground realities and fulfil their responsibilities for revival of peace in the region, which we understand, only lies in the Afghan reconciliation process. We expect that during upcoming parleys, both Islamabad and Washington will not only openly discuss the issues but also find practical solutions to address them in an environment of mutual respect. At the same time, we also need to stay engaged with other important capitals of the world and friends, and present our stance forcefully on regional matters in order to garner their support.

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