Pakistan ranks lowest in liberal arts education: Zubair

Governor Sindh assigns top priority to economic growth, education

Amanullah Khan


Muhammad Zubair, Governor Sind has said ‘my number one objective is to ensure the revival of the economy. We need more private investors who are willing to devote themselves to our education industry.’ The governor spoke about Karachi’s role at the beginning of Pakistan’s inception; it was the leader in economic growth due to private sector investment. He stated that he aims to bring back that kind of growth, and asserted that it is not far off, since the law and order situation has also come under control.
Muhammad Zubair who attended an interactive session with the student community where he spoke about the need for higher education, in particular a Liberal Arts Education. He stated that the liberal arts model is the only one, which produces well-rounded individuals with a multitude of skills. The discussion centered on the need for a more integrated approach when it comes to higher education in Pakistan, as well as the government’s role in certain key issues in Karachi.
According to Quacquarelli Symonds, a British ranking agency, Pakistan currently holds one of the lowest ranks when it comes to higher education in Liberal Arts Education, ranking at 50. With Habib University being the first fully Liberal Arts institute in the country, the governor claimed that it is playing an important part in the education industry by investing in the youth of our country and providing its students with a world class education and a state-of-the-art campus, creating a space where people from every background can come and benefit from an interdisciplinary education.
‘One of the best things I’ve heard is that this institute encourages all boards to join, while others, like IBA, only have 1% Federal and Sindh board students.’ He stated that with a liberal arts background, students will benefit not just themselves, but society as a whole when they go out into the working world. ‘This is a world class place; any place that is world class should be promoted,’ said the governor. ‘You guys should all be very proud of being here,’ he added, addressing the students.
‘Education has always been close to my heart.’ With experience teaching at IBA for six years, he expressed his pleasure at arriving on the city campus of Habib University. ‘When I arrived, I believed this to be the best institute in Sindh, but now I can confidently say that it is the best in Pakistan. Everything is well thought-out, from the education and Liberal Arts model right down to the infrastructure.’
Muhammad Zubair stated that youngsters are the most important segment of society, and made a compelling argument about the fact that we have never needed interdisciplinary education more than we do now. ‘The Liberal Arts model gives leaders to society; with their multi-faceted background they are able to face every situation head on and tackle it from every aspect.’ With the current unrest and growing political turmoil faced by the global community, it has become essential that students have a basic understanding of number of skills, such as social issues, the impact of technology and are armed with the ability to look critically at every situation. A liberal arts background produces individuals who are able and willing to consider an issue from every angle before creating a solution which benefits the maximum amount of people.
He also expressed his delight at being surrounded by such a large group of students who he believes are fully capable of being the leaders of tomorrow. Students asked about how they could get directly in touch with government officials for projects and information to which he replied, ‘I can offer Governor House services for any help we can provide to your students. We are more than happy to be the focal point for them.’ He also invited students for an interactive session at the Government House to discuss everything from waste in Karachi to CPEC.

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