Pakistan participate in Osaka Karate championship

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Recently the Japan Athlete Karate Championship was held in Osaka city, Japan. It was organised by the world kumette organisation under the supervision of Chairpersons Kanchu Sifu and Soshi Masayasu. Competitors from many countries including Poland, Thailand, Pakistan, Australia and Lebanon participated in this championship.
Pakistan was represented by Shihan Akhtar Ali who acted as a member of the jury and by his student Bilal Ijaz who competed in the championship.
Shihan Akhtar Ali carried out his duties in an exemplary way. He was also awarded an “KIMONO” by Kanchu Sifu and Kanchu Sushi who congratulated him on his outstanding contribution to the sport of karate. Pakistan is already very proud of the contribution that Shihan Akhtar Ali has made by taking part in many events all over the world and for flying the flag for his country. Kanchu Sifu and Kanchu Sushi also showed their appreciation of the wide interest in and passion for the sport of karate in Pakistan. This wasfollowed by loud applause everyone in the tournament hall.

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