Pakistan needs to redefine its security interest, cultivate partners in ME

Insecurity in the Middle East: Implications on Pakistan

Sarwar Awan

The speakers addressing a conference on Middle East on Tuesday said that Pakistan needs to redefine its security interests and cultivate partners in the Middle East beyond the Saudi Arabia-Iran binary due to the rise of new power poles there, and focus on a more structured, firmer policy. They were of the opinion, “Given Russian support for the Assad regime in Syria driving up the international community’s stakes in the region, Pakistan must tread cautiously and not take sides.” This was the consensus of the speakers at the one-day conference “Insecurity in the Middle East: Implications for Pakistan” organised by the Islamabad Policy Research Institute, here.
Ambassador (R) Abdul Basit,President IPRI, in his welcome address said that instability in the Middle East directly affects Pakistan and it is important to analyse the geostrategic and geoeconomic drivers of the crisis and review the policy measures that can be taken by Pakistan to identify issues arising out of the crisis and to guard the country’s interests there.
He expressded the hope that the Conference would come up with useful recommendations on the subject for the decision-makers to plug loopholes in the Government’s Middle East policy.
In his keynote address, Ambassador Inamul Haque, former minister and secretary of foreign affairs, and Chairman, Board of Governors, IPRI said that the turmoil in the Middle East is neither spontaneous nor random but has been a deliberate long-term policy of the United States to create chaos in the region, particularly since 9/11. “US policies are designed to promote civil conflict to give it the excuse to physically intervene to force regime change, create new borders and countries and ensure permanent Israeli hegemony in the region,” he said and added, “Other strategic objectives include control over Middle Eastern oil and redrawing the map of the region.
Ambassador Inam was of the view that US has committed aggression against Iraq, Libya and Syria — all secular authoritarian states and the world watches silently as Yemen is being destroyed its population decimated through famine and cholera.

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