Pakistan must not submit on Afridi issue

BRITISH Prime Minister David Cameron has persisted with his stance of calling Donald Trump’s views on banning entry of Muslims into the United States as ‘stupid and wrong’, adding that he would not apologize to him even if Trump becomes the US President. But Trump also seems to be unrepentant as he continues to threaten others conveying a clear message that he would impose his views on others if makes it to the White House.
The US Presidential candidate, in his latest foul-mouthed remarks has asserted that he would ensure release of Dr Shakil Afridi from Pakistani jail after coming into power. He made these comments without realizing that these amounted to gross interference in the internal affairs of another independent and sovereign country. That is why Interior Minister Ch Nisar Ali Khan issued a befitting rejoinder reminding Trump that the fate of Shakil Afridi would be decided by Pakistani courts and the Government and not by Trump even if he becomes American President. He rightly told him that Pakistan was a sovereign country and not a colony of the United States. We appreciate the bold stance of the Interior Minister but remarks of Trump should not be seen in isolation as the US Congress too has been blocking assistance to Pakistan in a bid to pressurize Islamabad to release Afridi, who is in prison on charges of high treason. Obama administration too has been pressurizing Pakistan on this account and there were also reports of possible exchange of Afridi with Dr Afia. All this is serious in the backdrop of track US record of using all types of machinations to get its agents released. In fact, everyone knows the extreme to which the US went to get Raymond Davis released from Pakistan, who was facing charges of murdering Pakistani nationals in broad-daylight. If the United States has its own national interests than it must be remembered that Pakistan too has its own and there should, therefore, be no compromise on the issue of Dr Shakil Afridi.

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