Pakistan, Morocco enjoy cordial relations – envoy


Enthronement Anniversary of King Mohammed VI of Morocco

Ashraf Ansari

Ambassador and Mrs. Mohamed Karmoune of Morocco hosted a reception to celebrate the 19th anniversary of enthronement of King Mohammed VI of their country. A large number of diplomats of various countries, civil and military officials as well as prominent people graced the occasion. Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Barrister Ali Zafar was the chief guest who joined the ambassador in cutting the ceremonial cake. The ceremony began with the playing of national anthems of Pakistan and Morocco. The warmth at the function reflected close relationship between the two countries.
Morocco is a fastly developing country of North Africa, predominantly populated by Muslims. It is geographically characterised by mountainous interior, a large desert and 3500 KM of coast along the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Mediterranean Sea on the other.
In an informal chat, ambassador Mohamed Karmoune highlighted dimensions of Pakistan – Morocco friendship. He said, the two countries have long standing friendship going back to medieval times. Famous explorer and scholar Ibn Battuta visited the region that now forms Pakistan in 1333 AD. The two countries established diplomatic relations in 1958. They have always enjoyed close friendly relations, cooperating with each other in several fields. The bilateral relations of the two countries have been strengthened and elevated to strategic level especially in the field of economy as companies of the two countries launched various projects in each others country. The two countries share similar views on vital regional and world issues including peace and security, economic progress and matters relating to curbing extremism and terrorism.

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