Pakistan lacks corrupt politicians’ accountability rule of law: Haroon


Gr Gorar

Larkana—Former Envoy to United Nation Abdullah Hussain Haroon has said that there is no check and balance in country, public money worth billions dollar have been transferred to abroad, matter of Panama Leaks revelation should be probed, he expressed these views addressing the District Bar Association Larkana on Monday.
He further said that what kind of democracy persists in Pakistan, national wealth is plundered but there is no rule of law to make accountability of corrupt politicians.
Hussain Haroon stated that Chief Justice Supreme Court of Pakistan has refused to form the Judicial Commission to probe into the Panama Leaks issue, responding the Prime Minister,s letter for constituting the JC to investigate the Panama matter, Chief Justice asked the federal government to make amendment by parliament then Court will form the Commission and start the work.
Talking about the Sindh province, Former Ambassador said that Sindh government receives 600 rupees as financial share every year, but no any audit of utilization of funds has been conducted for last 15 years, as economical conditions of Sindh province are still unchanged.
He told that Sindh government has increased poverty, even farmers are not given fair rates of Sugarcane, growers are selling the per 40 kg at Rs 140 instead of Rs 150.
Mr Haroon said that “we committed mistake by fighting on linguistic issues in Sindh and divided us, it is matter of pleasure that other province are heading towards the way of development, Sindh province after the partition in 1947 record influx from India migrated at Sindh and later from Afghanistan refuges settled and record growth in population have been witnessed.
Pakistan China Economic Corridor will yield 20 percent benefit to Sindh, Nawaz government is attempting to ignore the Sindh province, as province already facing the huge burden of loans. However he said that through Pak China Economic Corridor huge money, country will receive huge money.
He regretted the conditions of Larkana city and said that RS 78 billions have spend on development of Larkana by PPP rulers, but conditions of Larkana city is miserable, citing example that if rulers had utilized the Rs 78 billion on Larkana honestly, conditions of Larkana would have been better than Karachi.

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