Pakistan knows how to teach lesson to India


Rehman Malik condemns Rajnath Singh statement


Senior Leader of PPP and Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior and Narcotics Control Senator A. Rehman Malik has strongly condemned the statement of Indian Home Minister Mr. Rajnath Singh in which he has blamed Pakistan of trying to divide India again along religious line and threatened Pakistan of breaking into pieces.
He said that how Mr. Rajnath Singh can blame Pakistan for inciting religious division in India while it is clear before the world that his party BJP and Indian PM Narendra Modi are using religion as tool to divide India and the whole region and also to victimize the Muslim populace of India.
He said what did Mr. Rajnath Singh, his party and PM Narendra Modi in Gujrat is no more a secret for which PM Narendra Modi’s entry into USA had been banned for years. Senator A. Rehman Malik asked that is not BJP doing politics based on sectarianism and ethnic divide?
Senator A. Rehman Malik said that the people of India must be making fun of their Home Minister’s baseless accusations which are aimed at to cover PM Narendra Modi and BJP for their terrorist activities and extremist ideology.
It is a spinelessness and cowardice on the part of Indian Government, PM Modi and BJP to kill and brutalize the innocent Kashmiris who are struggling for their freedom from illegal confinement of India, said Senator A. Rehman Malik. He added that instead to feel sorry for the worst barbarism in Indian occupied Kashmir and against the Muslims in their own country, the leaders of BJP are busier in blaming Pakistan.
Not that Pakistan is conspiring to divide India on religious lines but definitely a day soon India will be disintegrated in many fractions because of the BJP’s policy of hate against Muslims and other ethnic groups of their own country, said Senator A. Rehman Malik.
Former Interior Minister Senator A. Rehman Malik said that he is surprised how the opposition in India is silent over PM Modi policy which is leading the country towards disintegration however Malik appreciated the opposition leaders for calling Modi and his party as butchers.
He said that later the transparent and independent investigations had proved that not Pakistan but India’ spy agency RAW was behind the incidents of Urri, Gurdaspur, Sumjoota Express, Bombay, Pathankot and other terrorist attacks in India. Former Interior Minister Senator A. Rehman Malik said that he will appreciate Indian Home Minister Mr. Rajnath Singh for his courage if he can get the files from RAW HQ and if he also studies the report of Lt. Col Shrikant Purohit and reports of investigation of other terrorist activities so far took place in India.
Senator A. Rehman Malik has challenged Indian Home Minister Mr. Rajnath Singh to have a live debate with him on any Indian Tv channel, and he is confident to prove him, his party and PM Modi as terrorists.
Senator A. Rehman Malik said that Indian Home Minister Mr. Rajnath Singh in his own statement has accepted that Pakistan is facing terrorism behind which is Indian agency RAW. He added that the arrest of RAW agent Kulbushan Yadav from Baluchistan and PM Modi confessional statements earlier in Dhaka University Bangladesh and later this year on August 15th prove that India is behind terrorism in Pakistan.
He said that Indian PM Modi in his speech on August 15th encouraged insurgency and terrorism in Baluchistan and tried to provoke insurgency inside Pakistan saying that he is in contact with insurgents and terrorists from Balochistan and GB.—INP

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