Pakistan has served as Afghanistan’s saviour, says NSA Janjua


ISLAMABAD : National Security Adviser (NSA) Nasser Khan Janjua remarked on Wednesday that Pakistan has served as the saviour for Afghanistan in the past.

Pakistan respects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Afghanistan, he remarked while addressing the International Counter-Terrorism Forum in the federal capital.

The NSA said both Pakistan and Afghanistan have rendered great sacrifices in the war on terrorism. Pakistan is committed to Afghan peace and stability, he added. “Pakistan has always extended help to Afghanistan.”

Janjua also remarked that Pakistan has lost countless precious lives in the war against terrorism. “Pakistan gave the most sacrifices in the war against terrorism,” he said, lamenting that the sacrifices have not been acknowledged by the international community.

“We supported the US during the Afghan war. Despite our sacrifices, allegations were levelled against us,” he remarked.

“If Pakistan didn’t ally with the US, would Afghanistan be free today? If the Soviet Union didn’t fall, would the Berlin Wall have been taken down and 14 countries freed? Would the US have become a superpower if the Soviet Union persisted?”

After the fall of Soviet Union, the US and international community moved out of Afghanistan. “The international community left us to deal with the aftermath of the Afghan war.”

He claimed that 9/11 was a result of the work left incomplete by the international community.

The national security adviser remarked that the US took down the government of Taliban. On the other hand, Taliban labelled the US and the international community as a usurper of their land. Even today, Taliban call this a war for their freedom, he asserted.

He remarked that the US alleged that Pakistan supports Taliban, while the Taliban claim that the country supports the US.

On relations with Russia, the national security adviser shared that Pakistan shares good relations with the Russian Federation. “Russia was standing with Pakistan and Afghanistan throughout.”

He shared further that the provinces worked together to make the National Action Plan a success.

Janjua, who served as the Quetta corps commander, said the government resolved to fix the problems of Balochistan and has thus brought peace in the restive province now.

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