Pakistan Development Program launched

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Aijaz Quresh team has announced the launch of Pakistan Development program – PDP a mass training program that aims to train 500,000 Pakistanis in web development for free.
Students, irrespective of their prior experience or background, will be trained to build fully responsive e-commerce websites in this immersive, hands-on training program, enabling them to launch their career in web development. The Pakistan Development Program – PDP will be inclusive and open to everyone, irrespective of gender, religion or age.
The training program will provide a crash course in web development using agile methodology. Students will learn the basics of computing and e-commerce and then get hands-on with web development software and languages (WordPress, MySQL, HTML, PHP, CSS3) to build complex, engaging and user friendly websites. They will also learn about industry best practices and learn from other experts in their field. The entire program will equip participants to build fully functional websites from scratch in just a few hours.
Pakistan Development Program – PDP, the brainchild of Aijaz Qureshi, has two significant purposes: (1) to impart participants with a valuable skill so they can start building websites for a living; (2) to invest in Pakistan’s knowledge economy and contribute to improving the image of Pakistan globally.
Graduates of the program will become the program’s ambassadors and go on to train others in their communities, thereby creating a ripple effect.
We at Pakistan Development Program – PDP invite sponsors from the education and training, travel, security, hotel, media, clothing, and other sectors to support us in our mission and work together to build Pakistan’s knowledge economy.
All kinds of partnerships, collaborations, support collective or individual are welcome.

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