Pakistan considers Vietnam as an important country in South East Asia


Ambassador hosts warm reception on Vietnam’s 72nd National Day

Naveed Ahmad khan

Ambassador of Vietnam Nguyen Xuan Luu and Mrs Tran Thi Hanh hosted a warm reception in the Federal Capital to celebrate the 72nd Anniversary of the National Day of Republic of Vietnam at a local hotel. Large number of guests including diplomats, former diplomats of Pakistan and senior government functionaries as well as prominent people from various segments of the society attended the reception.
Vietnamese Ambassador Nguyen Xuan Luu joined the honourable guests in cake cutting ceremony. The reception gave an extremely impressive image, human development and achievements of Vietnam.
Dr. Tariq Fazal Chaudhry, the state minister for CADD was the chief guest. He congratulated and said that Pakistan considers Vietnam as an important country in South East Asia and always endeavoured to build a strong economic and diplomatic relationship with it. Pakistan views with great admiration the continued fast-paced economic growth of Vietnam seen during the past few years due to far-sighted policies of its leadership. This economic boom provides several important lessons to the emerging economies of the world.
He said that High level visits play an important role in providing momentum to bilateral relations of any two countries. I am pleased to know that next sessions of Joint Trade Committee and Joint Ministerial Commission of Pakistan and Vietnam are scheduled to be held in October 2017 in Islamabad. Regular interaction through these established mechanisms would promote and expand relations in all fields of bilateral interest. We would like to further strengthen trade and economic relations for the mutual benefit of our two people for which businessmen of both countries need to be encouraged to explore the immense opportunities provided by the unique position of the two countries.
Tariq Fazal Choudhary further said that Pakistan and Vietnam have been supporting each other’s candidature at various multilateral fora and will continue to extend support on reciprocal basis. Pakistan would request Vietnam’s support for its quest to become full dialogue partner with ASEAN as it desires to build a mutually beneficial relationship with it.
On this occasion Ambassador of Vietnam said that the people of Pakistan are quite familiar with Vietnam, its brave people and the great Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Min. There were household names during the epic struggle of the Vietnamese people.
He said that over the past 20 years Vietnam has made impressive progress in all major areas including political, social and economic. Vietnam has emerged as a fast growing economy and its forte being industry. Vietnam is a good model for countries like Pakistan who suffer backward economies even when they have much more potential than Vietnam.

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