Pakistan-China relationship

A blueprint for economic development by Pakistan’s Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform—Pakistan aims to advance from being a lower-middle-income nation to an upper-middle-income nation by 2025. To achieve this goal Pakistan hopes to attract increasing amounts of foreign investment. Our country is working to improve its overall economy by constructing energy projects and other forms of infrastructure, to create employment opportunities for its populace and to improve our governance.
The logic behind this strategy is that fundamentally improving our economy will help alleviate the challenges posed by political extremists, radicals and jihadists. China and Pakistan share the belief that economic development can help stabilize Pakistan and improve its domestic security situation. However, China also recognizes that the security, political, and cultural risks and uncertainties facing the economic corridor cannot be overlooked.
The first of these risks is terrorism which has long affected our internal security and stability. Although we had worked hard to strike at religious extremism and terrorist activities, but problems with terrorism have not substantially improved in recent years. Because the CPEC is so important to our government, these projects’ construction sites and engineering personnel may become target for religious as well as nationalist extremists. Indeed, there already have been numerous occasions when Chinese engineers working in Pakistan have been attacked or even lost their lives. So, for the better future of Pakistan our government should take those steps which solve this major issue of terrorism.

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