Pakistan can move forward despite challenges

Akhtar Jamal

PAKISTAN today is facing one after another challenges and pressures at home and from abroad but struggling to overcome the intimidations from terrorism and border tensions with India and Afghanistan and economic burdens. Most Pakistanis agree that if the Government and all the institutions working with sincere cooperation could ensure security, education, health services and end corruption and nepotism, the country has all the capability to rise up again.
During last few years there has been considerable progress in uplifting the soft image of the country. Tourism is thriving in the country with foreign tourists once again started to visit the country while foreign investment is on the increase, thanks to CPEC projects and friends like China, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Indonesia and dozens of other states. Overseas Pakistanis have often complained that international media has often depicted not real picture of Pakistan while many people at home agree that our electronic media create unnecessary hype and over-expectations that depress the nation. Many Pakistanis are also fed-up with the ‘breaking news’ trend in the country.
While Pakistan Armed Forces are struggling to clear terrorism from Pakistan, the political governments in all four provinces could not make desired progress and fell-short of solving the basic issues such as: security, health, education and clean war. But despite all that Pakistan has been declared a best destination for tourists by international tourists and diplomats from Western countries are visiting cities and meeting people with without fear. The good news for Pakistan is that a 9-year old girl from Abbottabad has made a record by climbing a 5,000+ high mountain; a Pakistan-born mixed martial art (MMA) fighter is making the country shine in the East Asia. Another Pakistan school kid from Pak-Turk schools in Lahore made media headlines by beating 600 participants from around the world in mathematics. If we could only effectively enforce the rule of law in the country irrespective of ethnicity, religion, position, and political/financial strengthen, the country can move faster to a new height.
Unfortunately the Supreme Court of Pakistan had to take notice of everything: from corruption to adulteration in food items, contamination of war and milk, commercialization of educational and technical institutions and least if not last corruption. The gun-point politics in Karachi, Southern Punjab and even KP is slowly coming to an end, thanks to the efforts and sacrifices of our armed forces, Rangers, local security officials and cooperation of provincial governments. What we need now is good governance and a general election in which honest and hardworking politicians and representatives such as Kirshna Kumari can emerge as the new leaders of Pakistan. Isn’t it a change in Pakistan that while a Hindu Dalit lady from a poor family is elected as Senator and several Richie-rich candidates lost election.
Can you still call Pakistan an extremists and radical when the the fact is that a well-known Islamist lost the Senate election so badly that he could only grab four votes in Pakistan’s 100+Upper House. As our armed forces and other security men and women particularly Rangers, FCs, Khasadars, provincials Police officials are always ready to sacrifice their lives, we should also respect and give credits to the politicians who have been struggling to develop the nation. We do have several honest politicians, bureaucrats and officials in the country who can govern the country and lead it to a new height. We need to improve the basic concept of the country and show the real face of Pakistan which is brotherhood within the framework of Qaud-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s guidance to follow: Faith, Unity and Discipline.
— The writer is journalist based in Islamabad.

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