Pakistan, Bangladesh with shared past can move forward to achieve peace and harmony


Bangladesh National Day

Liaqat Toor

Islamabad—Though it was a heavy day on Monday as protest rally was brewing up near D Chowk in Islamabad in connection with a religious issue blocking roads all around with little impact on the celebrations of 45th Anniversary of the Independence and National Day of People’s Republic of Bangladesh which was arranged in Serena Hotel in the evening close to the disturbed area. Spring has set in after a long winter with flowers blossoming in the beautiful capital spilling over its aroma on all directions even adding beauty to the Bangladesh festivity.
Politicians, parliamentarians, High Commissioners/Ambassadors, intellectuals, social activists, businessmen and other people belongings to different segments of society swarmed the venue to share greetings with Bangladesh High Commissioner Sohrab Hossain and his spouse Rawsanara Hossain.
Despite ongoing tension with Bangladesh, there was an atmosphere of cordiality and brotherhood in a beautiful setting where the guests were greeted with warmth by High Commissioner, his spouse and other diplomats of Bangladesh.
Abdul Qadir Baloch, Minister for SAFRON was the Chief Guest on the occasion. On his arrival the celebrations flared up as national anthems of both the countries were played followed by cake cutting ceremony amidst applause by the guests. One-minute silence was observed to express grief and solidarity with victims of Lahore blast. The guests were treated with tasteful dishes including specialities of Bangladesh including Bengali Rasgullas. Screens on both corners of the hall were beaming out socio-economic activities of people of Bangladesh.
People of both the countries shared common history, religion and heritage in South Asia. They love each other and want to bury their bitter past. They have common destiny of peace, harmony and well being of their people. They are Passing through some moments of bitterness, but days are not far off when spring flowers will also grow in their relationship.

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