Pakistan also belongs to minorities

Saad Rafique’s bluster (Ref: press report ‘Nawaz should be freed for Pakistan’s survival: Saad Rafique September 8). However, considering the sorry state and pitiable condition to which Sharifs (and Zardaris) have brought Pakistan, a better headline would have been ‘Nawaz should be squeezed for Pakistan’s survival’. I think if Nawaz was freed after being squeezed and forced to cough up a substantial sum out of the looted wealth stashed abroad, his freeing could actually create conditions for the survival of Pakistan, provided of course that the recovered funds were placed in the hands of the government, with Chief Justice and armed forces chief keeping an eye on its use. I say this not because I doubt Imran Khan’s integrity, but because recent developments, especially the one of summary disposal of Atif Mian clearly show that IK has a tendency to buckle under pressure of you-know-who, and oversight by others will ensure their proper use. As for Ahmadis being included in the government, we know Sir Zafrullah Khan was an Ahmadi. We also know that two courageous Ahmadi brothers Major Gen Akhtar Hussain Malik and his brother Brigadier Abdul Ali Malik had not only fought bravely but had made significant gains in the war with India. Also, we had Alvin Robert Cornelius serving as the Chief Justice of Pakistan while numerous other Christians served in the armed forces of Pakistan, with distinction. And of course countless other non-Muslims would have served Pakistan honestly and dutifully. And while Pakistan was created for Muslims of South Asia, it was not meant solely for Muslims but for all those, of whatever religion, who opted to make it their home. That is how Quadi-i-Azam felt, and so do all right-thinking Pakistanis.
S.R.H. Hashmi

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