Pakistan, ahead of India in Inclusiveness Index; Improves by 5 points: WEF Survey


DAVOS: Pakistan was ranked 47 ahead of India at 62 among 74 emerging economies on World Economic Forum’s Inclusive Development Index, a report released on Monday evening said.

India was ranked lower than Brazil, Russia, China and even Pakistan, it was among the 10 emerging economies with ‘advancing’ trend. “The 2018 index measures progress of 103 economies on three individual pillars-growth & development, inclusion & inter-generational equity and sustainability. Of the three pillars, India ranks 72nd for inclusion, 66th for growth & development and 44th for inter-generational equity,” the report said

While Norway topped the rankings, China was at 26th and Pakistan at 47. Last year, India was ranked 60th among 79 developing economies, as against China’s 15th and Pakistan’s 52nd position.

The annual report noted that 6 out of 10 Indians still live on less than $3.20 per day. “Given the prevalence of inequality both in terms of both income and wealth, there is substantial scope for improvement for India in this aspect.

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