Pakistan again elected as IAEA member

NUCLEAR safety and security, during last few decades, no doubt gained added impetus at the international level. Being a nuclear-armed country, Pakistan has often been subjected to unwarranted and baseless criticism especially by our enemies about the safety of nuclear assets. Nonetheless, getting elected yet another time as a member of the board of governors of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is not only a diplomatic success but it also signifies global recognition of country’s status as a responsible nuclear power and an acknowledgment of the contributions made by our scientists and engineers to the IAEA’s works in various fields including in the area of nuclear safety and security.
How robust, resilient, and foolproof is the security of our nuclear arsenals can well be gauged from the fact that none of nuclear facilities, whether military or civilians, have ever faced any single security threat. Strategic Plans Division (SPD), the executive arm and secretariat of the National Command Authority (NCA) that is supported by tri-services strategic forces command is ensuring the most stringent physical and technological security solutions through its dedicated security and intelligence capabilities as well as a rigorous personnel reliability programme. These security measures have also been acknowledged and appreciated not only by the IAEA but several other world institutions and journals. Also had there been a window of vulnerability, our enemies especially the one sitting in the neighbour would have tried to penetrate it. So, credit definitely goes to the SPD and its former and current heads as well as other institutions such as Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority and the Nuclear Security Division for strengthening and refining the security paradigm keeping in view the emerging threats and changing technologies.
The services of former DG, SPD retired Lt Gen Khalid Kidwai who in fact initiated efforts towards that end and then his successors especially the current Chairman Joints Chiefs of Staff Gen Zubair Mehmood Hayat will always be remembered for sparing no effort and doing all possible that was required to ensure the security of nuclear arsenals. Then how one can indeed overlook the work done by our scientists and engineers at the PAEC? The research organisation is promoting peaceful usage of nuclear technology for social economic development of the country. Its contributions in the field of nuclear power generation, medicine and development of agriculture sectors are commendable and we are confident that it will continue to pursue its missions with the same zeal to achieve more success and progress in these sectors.
Being a constructive mainstream player in nuclear politics, diplomacy and in the light of country’s impressive and comprehensive portfolio, which can be independently verified there should be no objection to accepting Pakistan into the NSG (Nuclear Supplier Group). Pakistan fully qualifies to become member of the elite nuclear club more than any other country including India that has a poor track record as far as nuclear security is concerned. Unfortunately, West’s double standard in global politics are not supportive of Pakistan’s bid yet our Foreign Office needs to step up efforts and stay engaged both with the friendly countries as well as those opposing our bid compelling them to avoid any discriminatory criteria, as such a move will have serious consequences for strategic stability in the region. Pakistan’s inclusion in the NSG is significant, as it will help the country promote peaceful application of the technology for its socio- economic development.

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