Pak-US relationship

During Cold War and after 9/11, US provided good amount of aid to Pakistan, as it was a crucial ally of US in war against terrorism. Unlike the previous Administrations, Trump is looking to permanently cut off the aid to Pakistan. It is not only freezing aid but also putting pressure on Pakistan to “do more” against the Taliban and Haqqani Network. On the other hand, US policy towards India is changing.
Looking at the recent policy of US towards Pakistan, the relationship between the two is at stake. As US believes that Pakistan is engaged in sponsoring terrorists and is supporting extremists against US forces, it has decided to cut off 1.3 billion aid to Pakistan. The decision however is going to affect both, not Pakistan alone. The US had benefited a lot from the partnership between the two countries. Pakistan has enormously helped US in its war against terrorism. The US still benefits to use Pakistan’s roads and airspace for conducting activities in landlocked Afghanistan. If the relation between the two goes worse, Pakistan will cut off its access to US as it did in 2011. Another alternate route is through Central Asia, but it would be far more expensive for the US. So, if Pakistan decides to retaliate, some of these benefits could go away.
Abeera Azam

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